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Glass Work in the Bay Area handles contracts of all sizes from complete new construction to general day to day maintenance and repairs. We specialize in all facets of residential and commercial building glass, metal, and door maintenance and operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can work at night to minimize the trouble to your business.

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At Glass Work, we are experts at installing interior and exterior glass railing (Wind Wall Systems, Balustrades) and Glass Fences.

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Commercial Glass Storefronts & Windows

We specialize in custom glass storefronts. Glass Work has been creating exclusive storefronts in the Bay Area for years. Business owners from standalone stores to shopping mall stores have found our glass storefront installation services fast, new, and reasonable. We can replace your existing commercial glass door with a new door and do it fast, so any disruption to your business is minimal. Our team at Glass Work are the commercial door replacement experts, so call us when you need new replacement doors for your business.

Emergency Glass Repair

Replacements and Board-Up Service, No one ever plans for windows to break. That’s why we offer a 24-hour emergency glass repair service. Can’t wait till morning? No problem. Call us anytime 24 hours a day and we’ll be at your place of business and have you secured in no time.

Shower Doors

We service only the finest glass technicians to measure, fabricate and install your custom order. Combined with the quickest turnaround time in the industry, Glass Work stands behind each enclosure that we install with a lifetime warranty on parts and service.

Commercial Doors

Glasswork can replace your existing commercial glass door with a new door and do it fast. We are the best commercial door replacement experts in Bay Area, so call us when you need new replacement doors for your business. We carry narrow, medium, and wide stile doors including doors for light or heavy traffic.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors expand your home and bring new views into your room. Glass Work installs custom wall mirrors for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, door mirrors, fireplace, sliding mirror closet doors, and more. We also carry a full line of fine mirrors in many decorative styles and sizes. For aluminum frames, we provide custom colors, mixed to meet your specific look and feel. The designs of frameless mirrors are exotic and classy as well.

Glass Fence

Frameless glass fencing has become a top drift in the modern backyard and balcony design. Glass Work in the bay area fences a stylish alternative to traditional safety fencing, allowing clear views. Glass Work custom glass fence systems are durable, beautiful, and engineered to keep children safe.
We at Glass Work in Bay Area believe you shouldn’t have to choose between safety or style. With a glass fence from the bay area of Glass Work, you can have the best of both worlds. Elegant and modern, our glass fence systems enhance security without sacrificing aesthetics.

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